Learn All About The Anatomy Of Mushrooms

What All Mushrooms Can Be

When we hear the word mushroom, we immediately create an image in our head of a hat and a mushroom tree. However, not all mushrooms have that shape. You can see all the shapes of mushrooms on mushroom anatomy.

The cap is the most visible part of the mushroom and is located at its top. It has a characteristic shape that resembles a hat, so it is usually called that. Some mushrooms have small caps, some have large ones. Also, these caps can be plain, they can be with tassels.

The cap is umbrella-shaped and its function is to protect the spore-producing surface. The problem is that the spores do not get wet, because then they will be heavy and the wind will not be able to carry them far. This would reduce the reproduction of mushrooms.

Mushroom Anatomy

Some mushrooms do not have a cap such as lion’s mane or puff. Again, some species have countless tiny caps, and some mushrooms have real structures that look like a sea sponge.

Under the cap of the mushroom there are gills and pores in which spores are produced, which are used to reproduce the mushrooms. If a mushroom has no pores or gills, then it has teeth. These are small soft structures that look like teeth, and that’s why they got that name. Their role is also very important in the production of spores for the reproduction of mushrooms.

Spores are very similar to the seeds of a plant. They can be transmitted in different ways. They can be carried by the wind, some will be carried by water, and some will be carried by animals. They cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they contain all the genetic material that will affect the appearance of the new mushroom.

If you want to know much more about what kind of mushrooms there are, one click on mushroom anatomy is enough. Here you can read and see pictures about many unusual mushrooms.