The Use Of Drones In Cinematography

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With the advent of drones, aerial photography is much easier and much cheaper than it used to be. Drones are also widely used in cinematography, which you can learn more about at Drone Cinematography.

Aerial cinematography with the advent of drones is much more accessible than it was just a few years ago. If you want to try your hand at aerial cinematography, check out the tips at Drone Cinematography.

Just as every pilot makes a flight plan, so you as a drone pilot must make a very good plan. Before planning, you must check the legal and safety measures that are necessary before the start of the flight.

Drone Cinematography

The flight plan must include the designation of locations for that flight. It is best to determine the location before the flight, so that later you do not waste time researching the location you need. Next, you need to research when is the best time to get your shot the way you want it to be. This requires good weather, as well as the position of the sun when your shot will be the clearest and best. You have to time each shot you want to take and what flight path will be best for each of the shots you plan to take.

Another very important thing in planning is emergency procedures, that is, to locate the nearest airports or heliport. Having a good flight plan can help you a lot when you start shooting, because that way you will finish what you have planned faster.

In addition to a good flight plan, you also need a good camera setup. In order for the video to be of high quality, you need to set the resolution, color profile, frame rate and much more on the camera, which you can see on Drone Cinematography.

If you want to do aerial cinematography, one click on Drone Cinematography is enough. Here you will read all the instructions and tips that will help you do this recording.